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Empowering Wealth, Fostering Growth

Classification and limits

What is AIM’s vision

Achieve superior returns for investors. Become a trusted partner of our portfolio companies. Contribute to social responsibilities. Build a great values-driven firm that attracts and retain top talent. 

What types of investments do you look at?

Our current solutions cover venture capital, private equity, private credit and fixed income. We will expand our solutions in due time to cover venture debt.

Who are your current clients?

Our current clients include High New Worth investors, family offices, entrepreneurs and traders.

How do I become a client/investor?

Kindly contact Please do take note that all investors must be accredited investors.

How can foreign investors become a client?

Foreign investors need to be of an equivalent class under the laws of the country where the offer is made to qualify as an accredited investor.

How do I establish a family office

The setup for family offices varies according to the investment needs of individual investors. The setup can be a formal structure (e.g. establishing an independent company) or an informal structure (e.g. entrusting the existing employees of the family enterprise or employ independent advisers as the administrator). The main applicant will set up two companies, of which one is a fund company, and the other is the family office. The family office provides fund management services to fund entities (the incorporated company registered or established in Singapore), applicable to the tax exemption plan of Singapore for fund (13O/13U). The fund manager (main applicant) obtains an Employment Pass (EP) through the management of the family office for the assets owned by the applicant or the family.

Benefits of setting up a family office in Singapore

Singapore is one of the countries with the lowest corporate tax rates in the world, coupled with various tax incentives. Singapore also has an investment immigration program that perfectly matches family offices, allowing investors to achieve international residency for themselves and their families by setting up a family office.

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