Our Mission

“We seek to make a difference to the economic prosperity of South East Asia and transforming the life experience of over 650 million people in this region through digital innovation”

We are a registered fund management company based in Singapore, and we are part of the broader Auspac Group, a financial services group headquartered in Perth, Australia. Our venture capital fund invests in a portfolio of early-stage digital technology companies with the potential to capitalise on the megatrend of digital transformation in South East Asia. We support innovative founders with the winning mindset to be leaders in the SEA digital tech marketplace.


We leverage digital transformation effect . . .

  • Global megatrends pivoting to digitalisation, innovation and preference for digital user experience.
  • Transformational effect of digital technology, leading to significant cost savings, productivity and improved user experience.
  • Tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurial tech startups to disrupt traditional incumbents.

. . . on South East Asia digital economy

  • SEA region experiencing rapid adoption of digitalisation given the high proportion of internet users amongst its large population and government’s investment in technology infrastructure.
  • Growth drivers of SEA digital economy include young demographics, urbanisation and rising internet consuming middle class with greater spending power.
  • Accelerating the growth of tech startup ecosystems to develop innovative solutions to enhance user experience and address pain points.

Harnessing technology in the context of social and demographic trends in SEA region

We focus on four SEA countries with active startup ecosystems and deal activity


  • Global leading digital innovation hub
  • Concerted government support to develop vibrant startup ecosystem


  • Thriving startup ecosystem backed by strong capital flow
  • Populous market representing significant consumption opportunities


  • Fast emerging as major startup ecosystem with foreign investment inflows
  • Rapid digital adoption by young and internet savvy population


  • Growing investor interests in digital tech startups
  • Progressive market stance towards innovation and technology

We focus on three digital sectors with strong growth opportunities and market traction



  • B2C operators and B2B companies providing digital business models/solutions such as SaaS, data analytics, artificial intelligence and administrative tools to support e-Commerce platforms.



  • Consumers are accustomed to using e-Commerce platforms to buy products and services conveniently, and increasingly seek more personalised user experience.



  • The e-Commerce landscape has been well established in the SEA region. Significant long term growth prospects for e-Commerce tech startups given the relative low market penetration of online sales vis-à-vis offline sales in the SEA region.



  • B2B and B2C ventures in financial services such as payment, lending, investment, banking, insurance, wealth management, regulation, finance and accounting.



  • Consumers are more receptive to online financial transactions given the speed and convenience of digital access.



  • Significant long term growth potential for fintech startups in SEA region considering the large unbanked or underbanked rural segment, and growing demand from urban users for innovative and personalised user experience in financial services.



  • B2B and B2C providers of healthcare services through digital applications such as telemedicine, prevention and monitoring tools, operations and care management analytics and administrative tools.



  • Consumers are leveraging convenient digital access to health and wellness, diagnosis and early disease detection.



  • Long-term growth potential for healthtech startups given the rise in chronic diseases, growing consciousness for healthy lifestyle and increase in elderly population in the SEA region.

Multiplying network effects for economies of scale

Our key investment principles guiding decision making . . .

Large Addressable Market with Strong Growth Potential

Scalable Business Model with Revenue Track Record

Innovative Digital Solution
to Addresses Pain Points

Enterprising Founder
with Experienced Team

Reasonable Valuation
with Identifiable Exit Plan

We invest in companies that align their business models to service the SEA demographics
and have potential to be market leaders


We are a team of like-minded people with broad combined experience, expertise and network to curate investments, add values and deliver results


Senior Manager

Operations & Compliance

We believe in delivering our unique value propositions to founders, investors and ecosystem stakeholders

Immersion in VC Ecosystem

Deal Sourcing, Execution, Exits

Strong Business Acumen


Advisory and Mentorship

Leveraging the power of disruptive innovation for growth


Auspac Investment Management launches US$50M fund to back SEA startups

Auspac intends to invest in 15-20 firms (2-3 deals in every half year) over three years at cheque sizes ranging from US$1M to US$3M. Auspac Investment Management, an investment vehicle of Australia’s Auspac Financial Advisory, has launched . . .

Malaysian insurtech PolicyStreet Raises US$6m Series A led by Auspac, Altara and Gobi

POLICYSTREET, a Malaysia-based digital insurance platform, has raised US$6 million in Series A funding led by Altara Ventures, which is backed by businessman and investor Koh Boon Hwee, Auspac Investment Management and Gobi Partners . . .

A Bright Future: Shaping The Culture of Entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia

Home to some of the world’s fastest-growing markets, the past decade saw the rise of more than a dozen unicorns in Southeast Asia, leading the charge in the expansion of the digital economy across the region. The surge in startup success stories . . .

Southeast Asia’s fundamentals ‘intact’ despite COVID: SEA economist

SINGAPORE — Southeast Asia has become the epicentre of the COVID-19 pandemic as the more contagious delta variant rages through the region, causing some countries to downgrade their growth outlook. But the group chief economist . . .


We are South East Asia’s early-stage venture capital firm investing in digital tech companies.
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